Broadcasting regulations in Wales: Part 1

Think tank: Institute of Welsh Affairs

Author(s): Dr Marlen Komorowski; Dylan Moore

November 17, 2022

This report from UK think tank the Institute of Welsh Affairs maps out current resources available to regulators and policy-makers in Wales.

The project will be published in full in early 2023, and include three sections:

Part 1 aims to provide an overview of the current legislative and regulatory frameworks governing broadcasting in Wales.

Part 2 will provide an analysis of regulatory and oversight models for broadcast media and journalism in a selection of other countries with devolved governance frameworks in order to provide comparison with Wales.

Part 3 will apply the findings of the above to give an assessment of the issues currently facing Wales in the area of broadcasting and make recommendations for potential regulatory and non-regulatory solutions to these.

In the first part of this research, we map out current resources available to regulators and policy-makers seeking to transform broadcasting regulations in Wales, with an aim to answer the question: how can Wales get the media it needs? This regulatory map offers solutions beyond a binary opposition of ‘devolution’ and ‘no devolution’, and suggests steps towards an approach to regulation that will make the most of existing policy tools in Wales and the UK.