Citizens’ voices, people’s news: making the media work for Wales

Think tank: Institute of Welsh Affairs

Author(s): Dylan Moore; Dr Philip Seargeant; Dr Donna Smith

November 17, 2022

This report from UK think tank the Institute of Welsh Affairs looks at how improving access to the media, news and information in Wales, especially in an era of ‘fake news’.

We wanted to understand where people get their news and information from, how much they trust it, and how it makes them think and feel about politics in Wales. Is the information people read and share correct? Does it encourage people to get involved in politics or put them off? How well does the news help Welsh citizens to understand politics? What measures are needed to improve how the media works in Wales?

We have worked closely with citizens to make recommendations that we hope will inform and influence the work being conducted by the Welsh Government and the Senedd in the areas of broadcasting and media regulation, media financial support, educational provision and the strengthening of the Welsh language and culture.