Crumbling foundations

Think tank: Centre for Progressive Policy

Author(s): Rosie Fogden

February 16, 2023

This report from UK think tank the Centre for Progressive Policy looks at the impact of failing public services on health and productivity.

New analysis by the Centre for Progressive Policy (CPP) highlights the impact in lost life years and years of good health of socioeconomic inequalities in employment, income, education, crime and housing. It finds that people in England are losing 1.5 years of life and 2.6 years of good health on average because of these factors, which equates to 81 million life years and 144 million years of good health lost across England. A healthier and more productive society cannot be built on public services that are crumbling into disrepair. To reverse these trends, improving outcomes across these social drivers of health by strengthening public services must be a priority. CPP’s new paper makes the economic case for investment in public services to improve population health, productivity and fiscal sustainability. It will be followed by a paper setting out national policy proposals for reform.