Educational outcomes in Gloucestershire

Think tank: Education Policy Institute

Author(s): Robbie Cruikshanks and Emily Hunt

April 25, 2023

This report from UK think tank the Education Policy Institute looks at educational outcomes in Gloucestershire.

In a new report, the Education Policy Institute (EPI), commissioned by the Gloucestershire Education Forum, reports on the state of educational inequalities across multiple phases of education in Gloucestershire and how this has changed over the past decade. The report sets out the current position of the disadvantage gap across multiple phases of education in Gloucestershire, and how this has changed over the past decade to 2021. The report positions Gloucestershire’s disadvantage gap alongside the national average for England, as well as the wider South West to provide more context on how well Gloucestershire enables disadvantaged children to achieve.  Through our analysis of the characteristics, attainment and disadvantage gaps of learners in Gloucestershire, and a range of similar local authorities, we show that while disadvantaged pupils in Gloucestershire tend to be further behind than their national counterparts, the local authority generally performs favourably when compared to similar local authorities.