Ever closer mates

Think tank: Adam Smith Institute

Author(s): Dr Michael Turner; Matthew Lesh

June 6, 2021

This report from UK think tank the Adam Smith Institute looks at the support for a United Kingdom-Australia free trade deal.

Original ASI & C|T Group polling shows that the citizens of the United Kingdom and Australia greatly support the signing of a free trade deal between the UK and Australia. 65% of Brits support a free trade deal with Australia, 5% are opposed; there is majority support across all key demographic groups including all nations and English regions, and across the political spectrum. In Australia, 69% support a free trade deal, 3% are opposed. Brits say that Australia is the number one priority to increase trade with and a clear majority in both countries want to secure a deal — this is built on the belief that Australia has high standards. The UK-Australia relationship is driven by deep connections between Brits and Aussies, a mutual interest in living and working across the two nations, and strong consumer demand for products made in each other’s countries Brits and Aussies are interested in a wide array of benefits from a trade deal, including; recognising qualifications, helping businesses grow to be internationally competitive, creating jobs, giving consumers more choice, and reducing barriers to investment.