Green uplift

Think tank: Green Alliance

Author(s): Stuart Dossett

October 13, 2022

This report from UK think tank Green Alliance looks at how a net zero economy can reduce fuel and transport poverty.

The cost of living crisis is likely to increase fuel and transport poverty in the UK. It is also becoming clearer that the enormous challenge of climate change is threatening health and wellbeing. As we describe in this report, these two problems are connected. But a net zero carbon economy, delivered in the right way, can reduce fuel and transport poverty while helping to grow the economy and employment across the country. With our partners in the FAIR work programme at CREDS (the Centre for Research into Energy Demand Solutions), we have examined the effects that different carbon cutting strategies may have on people vulnerable to fuel and transport poverty. We outline how accelerating action to cut carbon across the economy, such as the rollout of heat pumps, electric vehicles and home insulation measures, could also help people on low incomes with their living costs.