Holding talent back? What is next for the future of Level 3?

Think tank: HEPI

Author(s): Various Authors

April 28, 2022

This report from UK think tank HEPI looks at defending proven qualifications for school leavers.

In this new paper, 11 different authors consider the Westminster Government’s controversial reforms to Level 3 qualifications, including BTECs. While the Government has confirmed that many Applied General qualifications can continue to play a role in the Level 3 landscape, with ‘significantly less than half’ defunded, the issue as recognised by the Rt Hon. the Lord (David) Willetts in his Foreword, is which qualifications ‘will survive [by the end of all these reforms] and how many students will be able to study them.’ Collectively, the chapters argue that England risks closing off a useful and proven route for students from a wide range of backgrounds, including those hoping to reach higher education. The authors also argue that the new T Levels, which are designed to sit place alongside A Levels, are welcome but still need to prove themselves. The report argues their success should not rest on shutting off tried-and-tested options that are popular with employers, higher education institutions and students.