Homes for Afghans

Think tank: British Future

Author(s): Various Authors

March 29, 2022

This report from UK think tank British Future and More in Common looks at the start of a new era of welcoming in Britain.

Already well over a hundred thousand families have stepped forward to share their homes and offer sanctuary to those fleeing Ukraine. That level of generosity and previously untapped commitment towards refugees represents an enormous opportunity – not just in terms of how we play our part in helping Ukraine, but also in reshaping our approach to welcoming refugees in the future. / This short paper sets out options for how we can make the most of the British public’s offer of help, time and support for refugees with the response it deserves – to give as many people as possible the opportunity to play their part. It considers how the government could support work to extend this welcoming spirit to other groups, including – most urgently – to those people struggling in the Afghan Warm Welcome Scheme. / The Homes for Afghans plan, which has broad political support and is backed by a wide range of organisations working with refugees, calls for the government to urgently commit to make faster progress on resettling properly the Afghans evacuated last summer from Kabul, to whom Britain owes a debt of honour. It proposes a Phase Two of the Homes for Ukraine scheme which will allow businesses, civic and faith groups, military charities and others to support both Ukrainian and Afghan refugees, further mobilising the public desire to offer community support.