Increasingly precarious

Think tank: Bright Blue

Author(s): Phoebe Arslanagic-Wakefield

May 3, 2021

This report from UK think tank Bright Blue looks at young adults during the pandemic.

It has been much commented that young adults aged 18-34 have received a particularly raw deal over the past year: much less likely than older age groups to suffer the more serious health consequences of Covid-19, but much more likely to be disproportionately impacted in terms of their finances and freedoms thanks to pandemic lockdown measures. As part of Bright Blue’s ongoing project examining the inequalities of home working during the pandemic, we wanted to explore whether there exist differences by age in experiences and ascertain whether young adults are struggling more as a result of Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown measures. The analysis reveals the distinct financial, psychological and relational experiences of those aged 18-34 during the Covid-19 pandemic compared to other age groups.