Leading the way

Think tank: Fabian Society

Author(s): Iggy Wood; Ania Skrzypek

July 21, 2023

This report from UK think tank the Fabian Society looks at lessons for Labour from Europe.

The Fabian Society and the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) asked politicians and activists from across Europe for words of advice for UK Labour. The responses bring together insights from as far afield as Galați in eastern Romania and as close to home as the Labour government in Wales. Much of what Labour can learn aligns with its current policy priorities, including devolution, environmental sustainability and social housebuilding. As Labour prepares for government, incoming ministers would be wise to look beyond the UK for examples of progressive policy that have already worked. Rachel Reeves, the shadow chancellor, has already promised to emulate the successes of the Biden administration in the US. But we should also look to our more immediate neighbours: in many places across Europe, socialists and social democrats never stopped winning, and have been exploring innovative solutions to the challenges a Labour government will need to address from Westminster.