Making complaints count

Think tank: Centre for Public Data

Author(s): Amber Dellar; Anna Powell-Smith

April 23, 2024

This report from UK think tank the Centre for Public Data looks at how regulators share complaints data.

Nearly all key consumer-facing regulators publish complaints data in order to protect consumers. The Gambling Commission, however, is falling short of these standards.

Data on complaints made about firms should be published to inform consumer choices, incentivise companies to offer better services, and support market competition.

This report compares how eight key UK regulators of consumer services report complaints data. It finds that nearly all of these regulators follow best practice by publishing firm-level data on consumer complaints. The major exception is the Gambling Commission, which does not publish any regular data on complaints.

This report lays out how regulators should publish complaints data to ensure it is useful and calls on the Gambling Commission to follow the example set by other key regulators.