Moving with the times: Supporting sustainable travel in outer London

Think tank: Centre for London

Author(s): Zarin Mahmud; Josh Cottell; Claire Harding

June 6, 2023

This report from UK think tank the Centre for London looks at supporting sustainable travel in outer London.

This report explores how to improve transport options for the millions of people living in outer London. Helping people get around their local areas and reducing reliance on car ownership. People in outer London own and use cars more often than people in inner London: 69% of households in outer London have access to or own a car, compared to 42% in inner London twice as many journeys in outer London are by car than in inner London (38% vs 19% of journeys) over half of car trips in outer London are less than two miles long Why? Outer Londoners are being pushed towards car use by poor transport options. By improving options for local sustainable travel, we can reduce air pollution and congestion. Our report explores ways to make walking, cycling, car clubs and public transport better for local trips – not just commuting in and out of central London.