Outcomes for young people who experience multiple suspensions

Think tank: Education Policy Institute

Author(s): Whitney Crenna-Jennings; Allen Joseph

March 14, 2024

This report from UK think tank the Education Policy Institute examines the relationship between the number of suspensions from school and pupil outcomes.

In this report, we examine the relationship between the number of suspensions, or temporary removals from school, in secondary school and outcomes for pupils in England.

We studied a cohort of 585,827 pupils who were registered in a state school in year 7 in 2014, following their time through secondary school until they sat their GCSE exams in 2019.

The research follows data showing that the rates of suspension from secondary school increased substantially in the years before the pandemic and reached their highest point in more than a decade in 2022. It also shows that pupils with social, emotional, or mental health needs were more likely to be suspended.