Plans for power

Think tank: Fabian Society

Author(s): Andrew Harrop

October 6, 2023

This report from UK think tank the Fabian Society looks at Fabian ideas for transforming Britain.

Think tanks are not political parties. Most of the time we examine policy problems one by one. It is not our role or responsibility to construct comprehensive political programmes. But there are occasions when it is important to take a step back and put some of the jigsaw pieces together. Now is one of those moments, as a decisive general election draws into view, and with it the prospect of Labour moving from opposition into power for the first time in 27 years.

This pamphlet is a compilation of some of the most important ideas developed and championed by the Fabian Society in recent years. It is a ‘mixtape’ of the best proposals, from early years to pensions and from the future of work to public service reform. The core task of government for the next decade should be to deliver two ambitions, ‘good growth’ and ‘good society’.

Good growth means significantly and sustainably increasing living standards for everyone, while making rapid progress towards net zero carbon emissions. Good society means transforming the UK into a country that is much healthier, better educated, safer, greener, more caring and nurturing, and more fair, equal, resilient and united.

To achieve these ambitions the next government should set itself a series of goals that it will seek to achieve over 10 years. They should reflect the greatest challenges facing the UK and feel relevant both to the country as a whole and to individual families.