Think tank: Centre for Progressive Policy

Author(s): Dean Hochlaf

June 16, 2021

This report from UK think tank the Centre for Progressive Policy looks at expanding educational opportunities for every child.

This working paper maps the ways in which social disadvantage affects educational outcomes among children and young people, impacting their progression through the education system and ultimately their employment prospects. Having commissioned Roger Taylor, former Chair of Ofqual, to reflect on the cancellation of examinations during the pandemic, the Centre for Progressive Policy is now looking to build on some of the key issues raised – notably how the education system can better support the development of all young people and ensure that they have every opportunity to gain qualifications and skills that reflect their passions and potential. This short paper examines the nature and scale of the attainment gap between children of disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged families and how policy makers might start to rethink the role of education and assessment in levelling the playing field.