Social Care 360

Think tank: The King’s Fund

Author(s): Simon Bottery; Saoirse Mallorie

March 13, 2024

This report from UK think tank the King’s Fund states that there is little to suggest that social care has turned a corner.

2022/23 saw a possible change to a recent trend in publicly funded adult social care.

Since 2015/16, more people have been asking for social care support but fewer people have been getting it. But in 2022/23, while more people again asked for support (see indicator 1, requests for support), there was a 2% increase in those who received it compared to 2021/22.

Was this the start of a new trend of more people getting publicly funded social care support?

There are reasons to be very cautious about drawing this conclusion: it is more likely that the upturn in 2022/23 was largely a ‘correction’ after the extraordinary circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, rather than a fundamental change in the long-term trend.