UK Poverty 2024

Think tank: Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Author(s): Joseph Rowntree Foundation

January 23, 2024

This report from UK think tank the Joseph Rowntree Foundation looks at the current situation across different groups and regions, and the future prospects for poverty in the UK.

The UK is entering this election year with unacceptably high levels of poverty, appallingly high for some groups. We need a coherent plan with creative policies to end poverty in the UK.

UK Poverty uses a range of data sources and insights to build up a comprehensive picture of the current state of poverty across the UK. As poverty can lead to negative impacts at all stages of life, this report tells us who is worst affected, how levels have changed over time and what the future prospects might be. Since last year’s report, we have seen even more evidence of the desperate measures that households are having to take to get by, and of the high tides of insecurity that have washed over more and more people. Below is a summary of the key findings of the UK Poverty 2024 report.