Unlocking aspiration

Think tank: Centre for Social Justice

Author(s): Joe Shalam

May 5, 2023

This report from UK think tank the Centre for Social Justice looks at breaking down barriers to work for people leaving prison.

Britain’s economy is clamouring for workers. So much so that the Government dubbed the main fiscal event of 2023 its “back to work Budget”, introducing a new Universal Support scheme to help tens of thousands more disadvantaged people into the workforce. Labour has pledged to “get Britain working again”. But despite the strength of feeling across all main parties that we need to do more to increase the vitality of the UK labour market, one group remains curiously absent from the discussion. That is the 85,000 men and women currently serving time in our prison estate, of whom around 47,000 re-enter the community every year. This report is focused on realising the potential of this often written off group of people.