City-REDI is a leading evidence-based and policy-focused academic research institute, focusing on finding solutions to people and place-based inclusive economic, social and environmental development.

Based at the University of Birmingham, our mission is to work in partnership with people and places to facilitate local, regional and responsible growth for the benefit of all.

Our work focuses on the following research areas:

  • Ideas – the generation of new ideas and innovation as essential for creative, successful, and resilient regions.
  • People – creating successful places through successful people.
  • Infrastructure – including green and blue, digital, energy, transport and housing as essential components of place-based growth and prosperity.
  • Business – businesses as the drivers of employment and skills to drive wealth locally.
  • Places – focused on places, institutions and how key policies come together and interact in positive ways.

We run two major research council funded projects:


WMREDI is the sister institute of City-REDI and is based in the University of Birmingham’s Exchange building, in the heart of Birmingham. It aims to support inclusive economic growth in the West Midlands and the UK.

WMREDI is a collaborative partnership funded by Research England, University of Birmingham and other key regional stakeholders in the West Midlands.

The Local Policy Innovation Partnership (LPIP) Hub

The Local Policy Innovation Partnership (LPIP) Hub seeks to address nationwide issues through local partnership and place.

By working with local LPIPs, the Hub aims understand and solve local challenges around the UK through innovative and effective service-driven approach to place-based policy making and public service delivery. The LPIP Hub is designed to lead to a step-change in the quality and impact of the evidence created by universities and their local place partners.

The Hub has received £3.6 million in funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and Innovate UK. It is a national consortium, led by the University of Birmingham, convening stakeholders across the research and policy ecosystem.

Latest reports

A review of the economic and social value produced through funding PhD students

This report from UK think tank City-REDI highlights the significant returns for individuals, the Exchequer and university-industry collaborations. This report produced by City-REDI for the National Civic Impact Accelerator explores the extensive impacts of PhD study, from enhancing university operations to spillover benefits for society, industry, and personal development. It emphasises the civic role of...

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Investing in regional equality: four English examples

This report from UK think tank City-REDI looks at how cities could successfully overcome significant social and economic inequalities. Some international cities have innovated to successfully overcome significant social and economic inequalities in recent years. This report, written in partnership with The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), aims understand whether English local...

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The Birmingham Economic Review 2023

This report from UK think tank City-REDI is a collaborative project with City-REDI, The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce and stakeholders across Birmingham. The Birmingham Economic Review (BER) is produced by City-REDI / WMREDI, University of Birmingham and the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. It is an in-depth exploration of the economy of England’s second...

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Cost-of-living crisis – REDI updates

This report from UK think tank City-REDI looks at the impact of the crisis and the supply-side failures driving it. This report investigates what factors are contributing to the cost-of-living crisis and the impact it is having on households, businesses, public services and the third sector. The report also looks at how the crisis in...

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STEM assets in the West Midlands innovation landscape: STEAMhouse

This policy briefing from UK think tank City-REDI looks at improving economic performance and social inequality in the West Midlands. A policy briefing on the STEAMhouse, a Birmingham City University (BCU) asset. The briefing explores its contribution to improving economic performance and social inequality in the West Midlands.

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Pride in place

This policy briefing by UK think tank City-REDI looks at the potential role of universities in levelling up. This policy briefing explores the role universities could play in contributing to one of the UK Government’s key levelling-up objectives, Pride in Place.

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