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What should be the priority to improve vocational education?

Clarity, quality and funding of the system must be addressed By Kathleen Henehan (Resolution Foundation) From the praise, complaints (and often, confusion) directed at the apprenticeship levy to the recent discussion about a new technical equivalent to A levels (the aptly named ‘T levels’), vocational education has recently experienced something of a popularity boost. This...

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Trump + trade: what should Theresa May be asking for?

Address globalisation concerns with a popular global international trade initiative By Tom Cargill (BFPG) Donald Trump arrives in the UK to a storm of controversy and protest. Whilst much of the focus on his personal views and confrontational style is understandable, it risks overlooking some of the fundamental social and economic concerns that brought President...

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Does the new Clean Air Strategy go far enough?

New Clean Air Strategy is ambitiously broad but lets some polluters off the hook By Tom Follett (ResPublica) The Government’s new Clean Air strategy offers a broadly positive package of measures for all sources of air pollution, but some flaws remain. The issue is high in public awareness thanks to better information. Now, a ‘personal...

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Automation of the workforce – yay or nay?

Policymakers will determine whether automation leads us to utopia or dystopia By Scott Corfe (Social Market Foundation) The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), with the rise of robotics, artificial intelligence and big data, is set to drastically change the workplace. While most would agree that these technologies are good news for big business, the impact...

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What impact will Brexit have on EU defence spending?

Brexit's impact will be indirect By Dr Lucie Beraud-Sudreau (IISS) Brexit’s impact on EU defence spending will be indirect. Prior to the current budget proposals by the Commission for the 2021-2027 period, defence was not considered as a core competency of the European Union (EU). However, a conjunction of crises and new uncertainties has brought...

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What one policy should the Government follow to boost productivity?

Commit to institutional infrastructure By Graham Atkins (Institute for Government) The Government is going to invest in infrastructure – one of the five foundations of its Industrial Strategy – to boost productivity. If infrastructure is going to boost productivity, the Government must deliver timely, cost-effective, and high quality projects. Currently, the overall quality of UK infrastructure...

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