Britain reconnected

Think tank: Fabian Society

Author(s): David Lammy MP

March 28, 2023

This report from UK think tank the Fabian Society looks at a foreign policy for security and prosperity at home.

We are no longer living in a world where foreign policy and domestic policy are clearly distinct. In every village, town and city across the UK, the impact of the changing international landscape is visible. In this publication, David Lammy MP argues that the Conservatives have left Britain increasingly disconnected from our closest allies, with a tarnished international reputation and reduced influence in the world. He explores the major trends he sees as shaping the foreign policy landscape the next Labour government hopes to inherit, and sets out three principles in response to these trends that will guide the next Labour government’s approach to foreign policy: putting pragmatism over ideology; making foreign policy choices with working people at the forefront of our minds; and reconnecting Britain with its allies and partners to take back control for the British people. As the Tories undermine the rule of law and shirk our responsibilities to poorer countries, Labour is preparing to take a different path – a path based on the belief that with the right priorities, the right partnerships, and the right values, the UK can thrive. Together, we can create a Britain Reconnected, delivering security abroad and prosperity at home.