The future of UK soft power: building a strategic framework

Think tank: British Foreign Policy Group

Author(s): The UK Soft Power Group

June 15, 2023

This report from UK think tank the BFPG looks at an increasingly competitive international arena.

The UK Soft Power Group (UKSPG), a group of the UK’s leading soft power organisations, co-convened by the British Foreign Policy Group and the British Council, has released The Future of UK Soft Power: Building a Strategic Framework.  The UK’s deep stock of soft power assets place the UK in an enviable position in the soft power sphere, as an attractive, trusted international actor. However, the new report maps an increasingly competitive international arena, where allies and strategic rivals alike are increasingly encroaching on our traditional lead in soft power. Merging the efforts of over 20 of the UK’s principal soft power assets, the report highlights substantial benefits the UK earns from its soft power and the importance of increasing collaboration between Government and soft power actors to enable the UK to achieve its international ambitions.