For 60 years, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has helped to shape the strategic agenda for governments, businesses, the media and experts across the world. The IISS generates facts, produces analysis and exerts influence on issues of war, power and rules.

We share our knowledge and perspectives through publications, research projects and events. These include the Shangri-La and Manama Dialogues, where leading defence and foreign ministers, security experts and others discuss and shape international defence and security policy in Asia and the Middle East.

Our Defence and Military Analysis research programme is concerned with military and security policies and capabilities; defence spending, procurement and industry; and the impact of new technologies. The programme’s research activities underpin a world-leading publication, The Military Balance. The Conflict, Security and Development programme explores the drivers and socio-economic implications of conflict and instability, crafting policy-relevant analysis of existing and future responses, engaging policy practitioners, the private sector, international organisations and development agencies. Other thematic programmes include Nuclear Policy, Cyber, and Geo-economics and Geopolitics. With a wide range of regional research programmes and offices around the world, IISS provides first-class international analyses.

IISS identifies crucial questions on strategic issues. We have evaluated the cost of European strategic autonomy, the economic and security trajectories of the Belt and Road Initiative, the political and business ramifications of expanded renewable energy in Asia, provided updates on conflicts from Sudan to Syria, assessed Iran’s influence networks across the Middle East, and examined the foreign-policy implications of the domestic politics of southeast Asian states.

Latest reports

Digitalisation of defence in NATO and the EU

This report from UK think tank IISS looks at making European defence fit for the digital age. NATO and the EU have embarked on a process of digital transformation of defence. This research paper outlines the principal tenets of related initiatives, provides a brief overview of the level of digitalisation of defence in selected European...

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Missile technology: accelerating challenges

This report from UK think tank IISS looks at the drivers, scope and consequences of the continuing development of ballistic and cruise missiles. The IISS Strategic Dossier Missile Technology: Accelerating Challenges examines the drivers, scope and consequences of the continuing development of ballistic and cruise missiles by the world’s most prominent users and producers. It...

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Northern Europe, the Arctic and the Baltic: the ISR gap

This report from UK think tank IISS looks at the funding levels and plans of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance investments of key NATO member states. This IISS research paper assesses the funding levels, strategies, plans and programmes associated with the multi-domain (space, air, land, sea and cyber) intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) investments of key...

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